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EJ's Exciting Road Trip

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EJ's Awesome Adventure



“If we support community projects like EJ’s we can build a community that’s going to change things, but we have to support each other. We’ll go to the mall and spend thousands of dollars, but imagine if we supported something that’s in our community how many kids we can inspire,” Guillaume said. “It’s really about supporting small businesses that are growing and need nurturing, and if there are any resources out there, then they should be shared.”

“EJ’s Exciting Road Trip,” which debuted at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami on Aug. 22. The book is a modern-day story of a little boy’s dream to visit the White House.   To add to his excitement, EJ was able to see President Barack Obama leaving the White House grounds by helicopter.

With Guillaume's help, the St. James Catholic Elementary School student chronicled two journeys. His first journey, "EJ's Awesome Adventure in Atlanta," published in 2015, earned him the Moonbeam Book Award for Best Book by Young Author Nov. 14, 2015.

His second journey to the White House, chronicled in his "EJ's Exciting Road Trip," got him a meeting with Obama.

Christian Portilla,

The Miami Herald

Wanda Tima-Gilles, L' Union Suite

Samantha Bryant,

Channel 10 Local News

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Suze Guillaume is fast becoming the woman that savvy young working professional women nationwide are turning to for business advice, lessons in becoming a first time author and the secrets of bringing balance to being a #BossMom. Suze has made it her passion and goal to redefine what it truly means to “Believe in the Impossible.” As a successful social entrepreneur and author, she has made a name for herself by helping her son publish his first children’s book, EJ’s Exciting Road Trip.

Legacy Magazine recognized her commitment to public service and named her as Legacy Miami 40 under 40. This combination of leadership and inspiration is exactly the kind of forward giving momentum that Suze has dedicated her life’s work to in her community and around the world. She plans to continue her efforts by working with organizations to empower women to follow their dreams and work for success.




Book Talk with Author Laura Eustache!


Hosted by Miami business owners and health advocates, Mathew Jean of Beachstone Counseling and Fathiyyah Doster of Juice Defined, LLC., comes a fireside chat with author Laura Eustache Zamor. In honor of Haitian Heritage Month, this NYC native will be discussing the themes of Haitian identity and heritage, healing, and resiliency, from her debut memoir, The Audacity to Finish.



Book Talk with Suze Guillaume

Hosted by Miami Dade Public Library & Build Inspire, LLC. at the Overtown Culmer Branch Library this one day workshop will provide—through a combination of discussions, individual and group exercises, and abundant opportunities to practice developing skills—a practical, hands-on introduction to the components of goal setting.





Beyond Literacy Mobile  Book Booth Tour

Beyond Literacy Pop Up is a green space initiative that brings literacy to children and parents where they are, by using the art of language through stories, narratives, history, culture, and books. The pop up will raise awareness of multicultural authors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.



Liberty City Reads Fest

Join us for the 2nd annual multicultural book and literary festival to celebrate diverse books in Miami. The Literary Festival will evoke the spirit of the great writers and continue to celebrate self-published authors, poets, and artists throughout South Florida the tradition of the house as a sanctuary for lovers of literature.Stay connected for details about this major festival.

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